Mission to Lwanika

Nov 22, 2018 | Mission Africa

Mission Africa – Praying for what God is doing in Lwanika to go far and wide

‘Out of sight’ can so easily be ‘out of mind’, so it is good to remind ourselves of the splendid work the Lord did recently through Mission Africa in the remote village of Lwanika. If you have not read the story of the brilliant breakthrough God has brought about there a few weeks ago please click here.

A Mission Africa team is revisiting Lwanika right now from the 20th-24th November in Africa, and I have had some thoughts about the strategic value of what God is doing in this remote village that I would love to share with you to help focus our prayers for this event.

We know that there is nothing haphazard about anything that it is Spirit led, but the earliest days of the Church were characterised by what appears from the outside to be  ‘episodic’ mission work. Part of the fruit of God’s encounter with the anointed leaders in Antioch as they prayed and fasted in His presence was that the Lord God showed them a clear strategy for the development of His Church by appointing Paul and Barnabas to be pioneer missionaries, with Antioch serving as a resource basis for the region. It was, in a sense, the first steps towards many such strategic initiatives that would, in time, bring millions and even billions into the Kingdom.

Let’s pray afresh for Terry Charlton, Steve Trint and Daniel Kato as they exercise overall leadership of Mission Africa’s work – but can we perhaps also pray that something in and from what God has done in Lwanika will play a special role in future missionary developments? Is it too daring to pray that Lwanika may serve in some ‘Antioch’ capacity for the region?

Let’s pray for leaders of calibre, and unity of vision to enable and empower people to reach out effectively.

At the same time, let’s keep the shield of faith raised high. A major factor in the success of the recent mission lay in the local Muslim government chairman actively encouraging Muslims to hear the gospel. It was inevitable that there would be ‘comeback’ from this, as and when his support became known in wider circles. May the very real opposition not deter the work of God from going forward.

Father, although some new converts are already being beaten and persecuted for their faith, may nothing happen that will close hearts the hearts and doors that You have so wonderfully opened. May the opposition serve rather to strengthen them to carry Your Word and Your work forward – and for many new ventures to develop as a result.

Let’s also pray for the criminal gang who were converted, who have run away out of fear of being arrested. May they be of those who heed Paul’s teaching that ‘Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.’ (Eph. 4:28)

Lord, we pray for each one converted in that gang to not be lost to You, but rather to become in due time a leader in their own right – and living proof of Your power to change lives.

Send a fresh wave of Your Sprit, not least so that the good things You have been doing in that village will reach far beyond the immediate confines of the village,make Lwanika a blessing to the region beyond. Keep pride of sudden success far from each leader’s heart; may a truly humble spirit rest upon each one to carry forward the work of Christ with grace and power. May they serve eagerly together, and be prepared to pay whatever cost is required as true servants and soldiers of Christ. Develop Your work in this place, we pray, and take it from one degree of glory to another. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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