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Jan 12, 2016 | Mission Africa

Mission to Kakubansiri 16th-23rd November – a brief report

Thank you so much for all your prayers for this mission in a rural location which had a strong Muslim presence. Church leaders were amongst those who walked or cycled from a distance of up to fifteen miles each day in their eagerness to take part in the evangelistic training we were providing.

We praise God for the fact that despite the area’s reputation for spiritual hardness, one hundred and seventy four people came to faith. These included:


Mr Sepebwa (right) being discipled by team members Ronnie and Alex

Mr Sepabwa: a drunk transformed

One particular man – a notorious drunk – gave his life to the Lord on the very first day. Totally transformed by God he joined in on the door-to-door visits and had the joy of leading two of his former fellow drinking friends to the Lord. Eager to help in everything, he took down the names of those who responded each evening at the crusades and worked alongside the team right until the very last moment, helping them to load the P.A. system back onto the truck. The entire community amazed to see him spend a whole week without drinking. May he be spared even the urge to return to it!

Witchcraft items burned

Another lady, Rosemary, was among the very many healed. She gave her life to the Lord and immediately surrendered all her witchcraft items to be publicly burned on the stage the following day.

May she become a great soul winner and shepherd of God’s flock.


Rosemary outside her home with Daniel Kato.
















Large numbers attended the crusades, particularly on the last night where the place erupted in joy.



Festo on stage with Mathia the mission leader and Morris the worship leader

The team had the unexpected benefit this time of having Festo a Ugandan army evangelist from the area, who having heard about the mission, took leave from his regiment and joined the team. As a former drunk and drug user his great story of being set free from these things made an enormous impact.

image019Pastors were greatly impacted by the unity, humility and respect for each other that everyone saw demonstrated in the team. May this level of unity continue amongst the pastors in the future!

In the light of Jesus’ command to make disciples (rather than converts!) we always provide training in how to run a new believer’s class. This was a real eye opener to the pastors who were very keen to put this into practice when they returned to their own homes


Pastor Jane leading a new believer’s class

God is so good! Although this mission took place in a rainy season, the Lord blessed the team with good weather on every single day. Thank You so much, Lord Jesus! – And thank you all so much once more for all your amazing prayers and tremendous support for us, both for this particular mission and throughout this year. As you can see they are making a huge difference in these remote rural areas

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint
on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team

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