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Sep 30, 2014 | Mission Africa

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September 2014

Healings aplenty! Mission to Kibale 8th-15th September
Journey and weather mercies

An eight-hour journey over rough and muddy roads enabled the team to reach this remote village near the Congo border – but not without the P.A. truck sliding into a ditch on the way! Praise God all the team got out and pushed and pulled it out again, with much appreciated help from some local men!

Despite severe flooding in many parts of Uganda God honoured the months of prayer and planning and provided a window of perfect weather for the entire week. (The rain re-started just after the team left!)

Huge impact

ma1We praise God for all that He did through the team, which Daniel Kato led most ably. No fewer than one hundred and seventy eight people came to faith in that tiny community of just a few hundred souls. Night after night people testified of receiving God’s power in their lives.

Among those who received immediate healing were:
* A man and a woman who were both suffering from severe chest pains
* Winnie was healed of intense pain in her head, having been to many hospitals
A lady having her first good night’s sleep for eight years
* Robinah who had suffered dizziness for a whole year
* Stella – whose painful hand was healed
* Brenda who could not hear and who has been restored to full hearing
* A lady with eyesight problems was instantly healed

ma3A large number of church leaders came from up to 20 miles away hungry to hear the teaching. Some slept overnight on the floor of the host church – while others were put up in the home of a local Muslim!

Many of these leaders had been in churches for more than 15 years but had never previously shared their faith with others before.

The pastors were astonished to see the number of people who had just given their lives to the Lord working together in door to door evangelism, using the training they had been given.

May they continue to do this together in the weeks and months ahead!

Praise Points

* For good weather and health enjoyed by the team
* For the many healings, salvations and deliverances
* For the great unity in the team and many local pastors attending

Prayer points

* For the ongoing work of following up and discipling the new converts
* For the unity among the churches to develop still more as a result of their involvement in regular joint evangelistic initiatives

None of any of this could be accomplished without all your wonderful prayers, encouragement and great support. A huge, huge thank you!

But we have a serious item to add from our previous mission…..

Seven orphans

ma5Whenever God moves, as He clearly did in Kibale, Satan is never far away. But the battle belongs to the Lord and He is always victorious in the end. On the very day after our mission in Kibale finished, we heard that Pastor Stephen Byakatonda, a member of the local organizing committee of our previous mission location had died: a young man still in his early forties.

Stephen left a widow and seven children – the youngest aged just 8 months and the oldest in black aged 15. (Pictured below at their father’s burial).

We in Mission Africa are proposing to set up a fund to help provide for these little ones’ support. If you would like to help, either by a one off lump sum or by a regular monthly donation please let me know.

With thanks

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team


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  1. Christopher Riches

    I read Terry Charltons report of Mission Africa with praise and thankfulness for all that the Lord had done Glad to hear that a fund to be set up to support
    the .8 fatherless children .

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