Mission Africa report – April 2019

May 3, 2019 | Mission Africa

God at work in the Prison Ministry / Mission to Namirembe 6th-13th May

The Lord really is blessing the prison ministry! Two hundred and twenty nine more prisoners together with eight prison officers have come to faith in the first three months of 2019. Highlights include:

    • Not only have all these prisoners come to faith but eight prisoners were also healed and twenty-five were delivered from evil spirits oppressing them.

    • The governors of the two prisons who objected to the Gospel being preached have been removed and replaced by new officers who have a passion for our teams to go in and preach. One of them has requested a visit every single Sunday!
    • Four prisoners from Bulaula prison went to Fred Makubuye’s church to give thanks to God for setting them free.
    • Seventy more prisoners have since been freed from Kamuli prison (in addition to the one hundred last year). This prison has now gained for itself a reputation in Uganda for being a centre of rehabilitation. We have just purchased a full set of traditional African drums to use in worship there!
    • Some of you will have heard the amazing story of how a Muslim, Ahamad Muhumuza stood at the back of that prison in December during a time of worship shouting “Allah Akbar”. Despite these interruptions the worship continued and the Holy Spirit struck this man down. When he came to his senses he immediately gave his life to Jesus! He had been part of a gang of suicide bombers who had attacked a crowd watching the World Cup on a large screen at a stadium in Kampala in 2010.His three cellmates started beating him saying that they would kill him the following night if he did not renounce Christ. He refused. The next day he was miraculously released – just before they were able implement their deadly threat! Two weeks later he telephoned Jane Naigaga, the worship leader, (whose photograph is on the right) to say that he was still going strong in his new faith. All glory to our one true living God!

Mission to Namirembe 6th– 13th May

Please can you gird up your loins once more to be much in prayer for our forthcoming mission to Namirembe. This extremely poor village of peasant farmers in the District of Kayunga lies fifty miles north east of Kampala. No large mission has been held here for over a decade. Fifteen churches from the surrounding area will be supporting this.

Pastor Daniel Muliranyi will be the mission leader and we are thrilled that our very good friend Paul Verheul from the House of Prayer in Brussels will also be joining the team!


Particular spiritual challenges include:

* A total lack of church unity

            * Much backsliding

            * A lack of training for the pastors

            * The strong presence of Islam

            * Low levels of education. Not a single person has ever graduated in this region.

            * High levels of alcoholism

            * Much witchcraft, with over ten shrines in the area.


Join us in believing for a great spiritual breakthrough despite these challenges!

Thank you so very, very much indeed for all your prayers, encouragement and the hugely appreciated support which is what makes it possible for us to continue our work.

With our love,

Terry Charlton,





Steve Trint





Daniel Kato on behalf of the Evangelistic Team


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