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Nov 6, 2014 | Mission Africa

matitleMany more have come to faith in follow up missions to Kibale

Bamusakata 17th-24th November: Please pray for this mission

Since the mission that Daniel Kato led in Kibale, two follow up visits to this village near the Congo border have proved highly encouraging.

We would love to share three of the many wonderful testimonies we have received with you.

  • Kerab had such a history of drinking and violence that his wife and children used to hide from him. He is now a totally changed man, who greatly loves both Jesus and his wife. Others in the village are now coming to the Lord through his witness.
  • Since the team left after the first mission a man gave his life to the Lord and surrendered all his witchcraft items for burning
  • Sarah had almost lost all sight in her left eye, as well as having severe chest pains. When she gave her life to Jesus she was instantly healed of both conditions.

Ninety-seven baptisms

baptisms-2014The picture shows some of the ninety-seven people the team had the joy of baptising in the local river last month!





 Bamusakata – 17th– 24th NovemberPastor-Fred-Makubuye

We have a real sense of expectancy concerning this next mission which Pastor Fred Makubuye (pictured right) will be leading.

Bamusakata is a little village in a rice growing area in far eastern part of Uganda in the Mbale and Mount Elgon region where male circumcision (imbalu) is a cultural rite of initiation into the Bukiso, a large local tribe. This is done by force by gangs who go on the rampage with this express purpose. Two years ago business in Mbale town was paralysed when unruly youth stormed the streets and began indiscriminately circumcising anyone they came across. They continue to set up road blocks and require men to remove their trousers.

The rituals are normally carried out on alternate years and involves dancing half naked to the sound of drumming with the body covered by mud and yeast from beer.

Apart from this cult of forced circumcision (which can demonically affect Christians too) there is also much drunkenness, witchcraft and idol worship in the region.

We praise God that there is good unity among the pastors, who are greatly looking forward to welcoming the mission, and receiving the teaching we will be bringing.

Please join us in prayer for:

Weather: For fine weather during the mission week

Travel: For safety on the long journey the team have to make to reach the mission area. There is a high accident rate on Uganda’s roads.

Freedom: For the practice of forced circumcision to be brought to an end, and for people to be set free from drunkenness and witchcraft

Unity: For the expansion of unity between pastors and their congregations

Salvation: For many souls to be saved (many also to be healed and delivered!)

Protection: For the spiritual and physical protection of both the team and their families back home

There is nothing automatic about this work of grace; it continues because God is faithful and His people are pressing in in prayer and evangelism.

Thank you so very much for all your continued prayer, encouragement and support!

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team


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