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Apr 24, 2020 | Mission Africa

Lock down special! April 2020

We praise God for his great faithfulness! “ Though the fig-tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines…yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Saviour” Habakkuk 3 v17-18

A major answer to our prayers!

Since last writing we had a great start to the year on the prison front with two hundred and forty coming to faith in the first twelve weeks of the year before President Museveni on 19th March called for a total lock down on the country.  This sadly suspended any visits to prisons for the time being. But we praise God that just four days before this happened we had news of a most wonderful answer to prayer concerning the vehicle that was needed for the prison ministry team. We are now in funds and will be able to make progress concerning the acquisition of this after the lock down has eased. This will not only be a blessing for the prison ministry but also a great benefit for the other teams as they take the Gospel into the villages as well. We are also most thankful that, in many of the prisons, fellowships had already been established. This will be so helpful in building up the prisoners’ faith during this most testing time when no visits are being allowed – even from their own families.

A new baptistry

Baptistry in ProgressEarly this year, Daniel Kato found that the rather muddy pool, in which he conducted hundreds of baptisms in the past, had been fenced off. We therefore were able to send some monies to build his own baptistry in the grounds of his church in Nakaseke. This will be a resource not only for the many who are baptized from both his church and God’s Hope School (where he is chaplain and administrator) but also it will be available for the use of ALL the churches in Nakaseke- a real Kingdom resource!


Hardship fund set up

As in many other places, a total crackdown has been implemented in Uganda- even more robust than we have been experiencing in the UK- with no cars being allowed on the road except in very exceptional circumstances. This tough approach has clearly been deemed necessary because of the somewhat rudimentary health service combined with large families living in small crowded homes often with very little in the way of washing facilities.

The majority of the team are pastors with many children (and even more dependents who they have taken under their wing over the years!). With churches closed they have lost their main source of income – many of their congregations also needing their help.

We have therefore set up a hardship fund to help them to survive until times are better and they can go back on mission to the villages winning precious souls once again!

Please pray that there will be enough in that fund to see them through these very challenging times.

Our amazing team will then be back on the road to the next mission that God has ready for them!

May the Lord protect both you and your families. May you stand on the promises of God’s protection so beautifully and appropriately stated in Psalms 91 , 46 and 23.

May you also stand firm in the mighty saving power of our risen Lord Christ who we have the joy of serving; whose power lives in each one of us- that very same power that raised our Lord from the dead – hallelujah!

Thank you so very, very much for all your prayers, encouragement and the hugely appreciated support. These are – that is you are – the means by which God makes it possible for us to continue this precious work to people in parts of Africa that the world would consider remote, but which are very near in God’s sight.

With our love, Terry Charlton, Steve Trint and Daniel Kato on behalf of the Evangelistic Team


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