Michael’s Testimony

Aug 18, 2017 | General

When Michael Ross-Watson was seven, a Brethren missionary called at his home. He talked with Michael’s parents for two hours, but they made it very clear that they were not in the least interested in the gospel. They did mention, however, that they had a seven year old son, Michael. There and then, all those years ago in 1953, he made a commitment to pray every day for this young man whom he had never even seen.

Nineteen years later this man was present at a WEC (Worldwide Evangelistic Crusade) passing out parade at which Michael was giving his testimony, prior to going out be a missionary in Indonesia. Rather to Michael’s embarrassment, the missionary wept unashamedly when he discovered that this was the boy he had been praying for all these years.

Isn’t God good? How grateful we can be for such examples of prayer – and how willing we must be to play our own part. The missionary had been faithful in praying for one young man – but God was thinking of the salvation of the multitudes Michael has subsequently reached in Southeast Asia.

We certainly never know how the Lord will use our prayers – the most important thing is that we keep sowing in both prayer and witness!


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