Marching bravely into the coming year

Dec 30, 2018 | Prayer Focus for the Nations

As we set our faces to ‘march’ into this coming year,
we start by thanking You, Lord Jesus,
for each venture and adventure
that You have led us to:
those that are now complete and those that are under way.
Let each one unfold and evolve
as we devote both time and thought:
our hearts a furnace of love.

Thank You . . .
For the incredible love and care that You have invested
in shaping and moulding us according to Your purposes.
We place the very circumstances that You have set us in
afresh into Your hands.

Have mercy . . .
Where we have fallen short in reflecting Your likeness
and let You and others down in thought and word and deed.
Forgive all tardiness in making You our focus,
or in extending our forgiveness
to those who have hurt or harmed us along the way.
Replace our littleness of mind and faith
with greater courage, trust and kinder ways.

Keep us, Lord . . .
From thoughts that taunt and daunt,
and in the midst of every threat and pitfall
and every peril that tests our mettle,
grant grace and provision to bear it well,
making up each shortfall to fulfil Your purposes.

Bless . . .
Each hope we hold within our hearts,
Each person, place or nation for whom we care
and for which You summon us to pray.

So as we journey on from day to day
and one adventure to another,
may we be faithful in seeking You,
and find delight in knowing
that You Yourself take pleasure
in each offering that we bring.


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