Light in Hidden Life

May 18, 2020 | INSIGHTS

At this time when many countries are beginning to emerge from the most intense effects of the ‘lockdown’, we thought some of you might appreciate this link to a shortish film about a group of women who have chosen to remain out of sight for love for Jesus, and their desire to serve the world in prayer. We have we mentioned before the powerful film about the Carthusian way of life Into Great Silence.

When I Googled the phrase ‘Joy in enclosure’ the other day, it came up with this much shorter presentation: Light in Hidden Life, from the Carmelite monastery in Wolverhampton. It has already been viewed over two million times since it was first posted a few years ago.

From the very beginning of community worship, God has deliberately chosen to set certain groups and individuals aside to worship and seek Him as their ‘full-time’ occupation, from the priests and Levites of ancient Israel, through prophets marked out from birth like Samson, Jeremiah and John the Baptist.

From very early on in Church history, the Lord has specifically called men and women to enter an enclosed life, whether that be in the literal desert, or in monasteries and convents around the world.

This deliberate ‘narrowing’ of life has never made much sense to some who are set apart for a very ‘active’ ministry. Other value and appreciate their support beyond words! Both types of ministry, and all those in between, have their place in His Kingdom. We are all called to move the hand of God through prayer. As God meets with those He has thus set apart, their hearts and eyes become increasingly windows into Heaven, not just for their own sakes, but to worship pray and serve on behalf of the wider Church and, indeed, of the whole world.

For a brief introduction to the Carmelite movement.
And while we are on the theme of the hidden life, why not revisit Chapter 2 of Ravens and the Prophet: The Hidden Life.

Photo by CHIRAG K on Unsplash


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