Jesus Calling

Dec 10, 2015 | INSIGHTS

Jesus Calling

The Power of Recommending and encouraging

What power there is in recommending! Someone recommended this book, Jesus Calling, to a friend, who passed it on to us and we in turn am passing the recommendation on to you.

As I was pondering how to recommend this book the powerfully beautiful phrase from James 1:21 came to mind, “humbly accept the word planted in you. . . ” (or “with meekness”).

Jesus Calling is a multi million best seller, for some years on the best selling list. If you want a book that explores the biblical prophets, or that are providing pointers for social justice, there are better ones around – but as a simple call to stay close to Jesus day by day, we have found it profound in its simplicity and everyone we have recommended it to so far has said the same thing.

It attracts enormous support from people who have found it deeply helpful but inevitably there are some who are suspicious of the fact that it is written in the first person as if from God. For a brief background to the author and her circumstances, see Christianity Today. (You will need to subscribe and log in to read this article; there is no charge).

Talking about recommending – it is always lovely to let others know about books and films that have blessed us. It can make such a difference when we “recommend” other people too. Paul never missed an opportunity to speak well of his fellow workers at the beginning of his letters . . . Let’s pray for opportunities to recommend and encourage someone as well as something this week!


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