In the Lord’s deep silence

Aug 18, 2017 | INSIGHTS

In the Lord’s deep silence
Be silent on your bed and commune with the Lord  (Based on Psalm 4:4)

Come My sons and daughters:
welcome this fulsome sharing of kingdom lives –
but enter first into the depths of silence,
your hearts entwined with Mine.
Enter in and stay awhile
until the kindness of My presence comes
and you can see and sense and find and know.

Let Me escort you through the arch into My inmost court;
I delight to expand your inner sight,
fine tuning both your seeing and your hearing,
helping you to see through the windows of your soul,
your whole heart aglow to listen.
This is freedom – however rarely perceived as such –
this communion that is the union of our hearts.

You are here this day by My call and for My purpose
–let no dashing distraction dissuade you from this path.
Yes, this is freedom, this is faith,
and this is rapture rolled and captured into one.
Facilitate this blessing for those in need of space;
Silent touch and holy footfall
that brings deep grace beyond the need for words
and keeps you close to Me.

Shelter others beneath your roof
and don’t forget to share with strangers at your family meals.

With this proof the Lord is pleased,
for it reveals your heart; (Hebrews 13:2, 1 Pet. 4:9)
and when you are not entertaining angels unawares,
you are daring to embark along the royal path of love. (James 2:8).

There is a softness in the wind and a sighing in your spirit that bids you not to stray but to stay within My bounds.
Now as My Spirit softens the strivings in your heart,
I enable you to stay your gaze as I direct;
Now as My Spirit strides across the plain
I am empowering you to attain the spirit of prayer,
now for this one and now for that;
your heart too full to welcome lesser things
focusing where it should.

Step aside from all the striving;
and bide in this less travelled way;
for I have knit your heart to Mine
and to those committed to walk this hallowed path with you.



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    Absolutely lovely .

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