Conspiracy Theories and Distorted Thinking

Jun 19, 2020 | World Watch

With so much turmoil across the world, it is hardly surprising that the uncertainty has spawned a great many ‘conspiracy’ theories. A major part of our work in ‘spiritual intel’ is assessing and analysing the factors and trends that are influencing political, social and Church leaders.

To make a comparison with the natural world, we are commenting elsewhere in this edition on the highly toxic and invasive nature of the giant hogweed. One plant produces, on average, a staggering 20,000 seeds, and, with the help of wind and water, propagates itself far and wide. Conspiracy theories are not dissimilar: ideas that are either questionable or completely offbeat surface somewhere, and then, if they do not die a natural death, shed seeds that lead to adherents clinging to distorted perspective as assiduously as if they really were God-given. To say the least this muddies the waters!

The Prophecies of Q

We think you will find Adrienne LaFrance’s Prophecies of Q, which appeared in a June 2020 edition of the widely esteemed magazine The Atlantic, eye opening and disturbing. It is an in-depth exploration of the increasing influence of ‘QAnon,’ a far-right ‘conspiracy theory’ group that is developing a huge following, primarily in America. President Trump himself has clearly been drawn into its grasp, re-tweeting some 145 messages based on Q’s often occult-inspired theories and predictions.*

The article is fairly lengthy, but because it is dealing with matters that are even now shaping and influencing events in America, we would encourage you to read it right through. To say the least it fills in certain gaps in our understanding! And as we know only too well, false beliefs that America absorbs today, many other countries are only too likely to swallow too.

*For an introduction to QAnon, you may find this Wikipedia article helpful.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash


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