Clean Air: the Fragrance of the Lord

Sep 27, 2017 | Heaven's Kingdom, Song Presentations

A garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness and despair . . . (Is. 61:3)

I wrote Clean Air with a view to bringing a touch of the Lord’s freedom and fragrance wherever a spirit of heaviness and oppression is predominating. I had in mind personal, family, business and even church situations – but why not for nations too?

I originally wrote Clean Air for solo recorder, which Peter Richards then shaped and arranged beautifully for strings. We pray that as you play and replay this music you will find the peace and presence of the Lord coming into the very midst of whatever darkness you may be facing and dispelling it.


We have previously released the second movement, ‘In The Flow of the Spirit,’ which traces the path of a stream from its source. As you watch the lovely Youtube that Sally has created (it’s much more effective on full screen!) our prayer is that the the Lord may enable you to flow further with the themes and ideas that He has ‘sourced’ within you, and bring them to fulfilment.

Where unresolved hurts and other issues threaten to impede the water flow, like boulders in a water course, may He find ways to wash them away – or just to flow around them. May the Spirit of the Lord remove unwanted things from Your spirit as you listen, watch, and hand them to Him – and may His peace settle on you in the power of His anástasis* resurrection.

*The Greek word anástasis is often used in connection with Christ’s resurrection. It can also mean a ‘raising up’, or ‘removal’; a recovery from a debilitating condition, and a rebirth. What precious concepts!


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