A New Venture

Dec 14, 2012 | General

We are delighted to welcome you to the new home for the Malvern Mashal.For the benefit of non bloggers, you will notice that there is no Home button, unlike a usual web site In order to return to the home page you will need either to click on the TITLE (Malvern Mashal) OR hit the back button on the top left of the screen.

Please do participate!

These new Mashal pages provide the opportunity to participate directly by sending comments on either personal or wider topics. Because this is a WordPress site, however, we are unable to alter certain features. You will therefore find, for example, the encouragement to ‘leave a reply’ on parts of the site that one wouldn’t normally elicit comments!

When you complete a comment you will need to complete your email but putting in a website when requested is optional. You are likely to find that you have signed up for each individual segment of the site, and will receive a computerised ‘Howdy’ response. Please don’t feel trans-atlantitcised!
You can obviously state whether your message is for our eyes only, or whether you are happy for us to pass it on, if that feels appropriate, either in whole or in part.

As well as new items, we will gradually start reposting various articles we have published over the years. As an example, we have put up a slightly updated version of the article on Vietnam from last week. Please admire the map that Sally has attached to it, as well as the one in the item about Israel and Gaza!


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