Vale of Tears

Moving Beyond the Reefs of Rejection



Moving Beyond the Reefs of Rejection

But as for me, my feet were nearly slipping.
Psalm 73:2

How do people who have experienced rejection react? Most commonly by withdrawing into their shell! Suppressing their natural emotions, they hold back from reaching out to others in case they end up getting hurt again. Sound familiar?

Not all withdrawal is wrong; there are certainly times when it is only wise to protect yourself against further rejection. I understand entirely why a certain veteran prayer leader reached the point where he became fed up with people queuing up to “practise” their healing ministry on his wife, who suffers from severe multiple sclerosis.

Eager though both he and his wife were to welcome people with a genuine anointing to heal, they find it immensely wearying going over the same ground with people who have no heart connection with them. Some who offer their help may feel pushed away – but perhaps they had not paused to think matters through from the couple’s point of view.

C.S. Lewis posed a question which most of us ask ourselves at one time or another: “Does there have to be so much pain in loving?”

Perhaps it would be wiser to look at this the other way round. Would refusing to love make things any better? Is that how God works in relation to us? What if He had weighed the odds halfway through Jesus’ mission, decided that the Romans were looking fierce and the Pharisees were not for turning and pulled His Son off the job?

You are reading these words today precisely because the Father went right through with His mercy mission. No matter how empty your heart may feel, and how much in need of a refit, God honours those who persevere.

If you have been holed beneath the waterline by sharp rocks on rejection’s reef, may the Lord direct you to people and places that will aid the healing process. You may find such repair work tedious and time-consuming, but, like a ship refitting in dry dock it is essential not to neglect the damage that has occurred.

May He heal your hurts and rejections as you do this – including the fear of being rejected.

Reflect and Pray

Father, where scorn and rejection
have carved a furrow in my heart,
and throb as sharply as if blows and batons
were assailing my soul,
heal all traces of rejection in my heart,
and restore my trust in Your leading.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.