Intimacy and Eternity

Feb 23, 2021 | READ

Those of you who have been with us from our early days in Shropshire will remember Intimacy and Eternity. I wrote this book thirty years ago for those who were sensing the call to draw especially close to the Lord – almost as a lay monastic calling.

The Lord has used this book to help many people over the years, and it remains entirely relevant today. We have even had a dozen or so letters from ministers who said that the chapters on the different types of wildernesses, and particularly the Dark Night of the Soul, literally saved their ministry!

Sally is so gifted at her creative and artistic work, and we are so grateful to her for putting many hours into skillfully and sensitively illustrating and reformatting the book for our new website. A great deal more has been involved in this than just manually copying the text across from the original website. Even if you are familiar with the original book, you are sure to appreciate the illustrated version!

For those who prefer a book in hand, we have hard copies available. These cost £6.50 which includes post and packing. Extra copies can be ordered for just £1.50 each.

Intimacy and Eternity

So we would love to draw your attention to this book, and to encourage you to saturate yourselves in the teaching. Whether you are returning to it having read it in the past, or are reading it for the first time, may the Lord Jesus draw close and enable you to experience the joy of walking in close fellowship with Him.

Click on the Index Tab to navigate your way through the book. You can find this just below the picture on each page. When you click on the plus sign on the right, a hyperlinked list of all the chapter headings will appear.

At the end of each chapter you will find a link to the following one immediately above the references.

This is the list of all the chapters:

Part One: The River of Delights
The Pace of Life
Towards a Life of Reflection
The Trysting Place
Exploring Silence

Part Two: The Ascent of Toil
The Wilderness
The Dark Night of the Soul
Overcoming Condemnation
The Principle of Suffer-Reign
Beyond Striving
The Grace of Yielding

Part Three: The Broad Open Spaces
The Art of Burden-Bearing
The Whispers of His Love
The Paths of Guidance
Towards Eternity


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