Vale of Tears

Resisting the Impulse to Flee



Resisting the Impulse to Flee

If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post. Calmness can lay great errors to rest.
Ecclesiastes 10:4

Why have I begun so many of the titles in this section with the word “Resisting?” Because grief, like fear, distracts and weakens us, and makes us want to run away from our calling.

To take a common example, it often happens when an elderly spouse dies that the surviving member “flees” by selling their house and moving in with family members. Unsurprisingly, many cannot bear the thought of living with so many memories.

For others, however, the additional loss of their house, coming so hard on the heels of losing their partner, would merely add to their sense of no longer belonging anywhere. Paradoxically, the fact that they may be feeling buoyed up by the divine anaesthetic may incline them to plunge too hastily into something new.

Given that the newly bereaved are usually too distracted to make the wisest decisions, we must not only discern the best course of action, but also the timescale in which that best is to be achieved.

There is value in sleeping on major decisions – quite possibly for a considerable period of time. Impulsive and over eager people in particular may need reminding of the value of considering matters from a variety of perspectives before leaping to commit themselves.

Reflect and Pray

Lord, one step at a time Your wisdom comes.

We welcome it today and every day.
Just as You protected Mary and Joseph
when they were forced to flee,
so we ask You to do the same for us
when we face major issues at vulnerable times.

May the loss we have experienced
cause us neither to act in haste,
nor to lag behind Your schedule.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.