Vale of Tears

Part Two: Facing the Reality of Grief



Facing the Reality of Grief

IF THERE IS ONE PHRASE in particular that stands out to me from the messages
that God sends to the seven churches at the start of the book of Revelation, it is this:
that the Lord Jesus knows what we are going through
– and what He intends to do about it.

Just as broken bones can become stronger than they originally were if they are properly reset, we too can emerge at the far end of our grief journey stronger in the Lord, despite – perhaps even because of – the ordeals we have been through. This is hard to believe when are overwhelmed with shock and grief – especially for those who have put off making a serious commitment to God until a more convenient moment.

Since grief episodes are never “convenient,” I have started this chapter with a section for any who feel uncertain of their relationship with the Lord.

Before we look in more detail at the effects on grief on our lives, the most important thing is to entrust ourselves to His care and leading.

The principle remains as true in times of grief as at any other part of our pilgrimage: that it is as we seek first the Kingdom of God that He attends to our needs too.