Vale of Tears

Appendix Five - Final Poems and Prayers



Appendix Five – Final Poems and Prayers

On the Threshold

Today I have stood in spirit with those on the threshold:
friends and families emerging from profound upheaval,
flexing their wings to venture out beyond their loss.

My spirit prays for those who wait in fear or trepidation:
the call to hospital, war, or exile from their land –
for presidents and rulers
who are poised to make
the decisions that determine nations’ fate.
and church leaders as they contemplate
the changes that they must make,
and their flocks who debate if they will flow
with the leaders God has sent.

For those for whom the way ahead is clear –
the grace to pass through journey’s dawn,
but for those who see no door but only walls:
the courage to push through until iron bars yield.

Father, You stand on the threshold
of each new beginning;
You take Your counsel and make Your plans,
Since nothing takes You by surprise
nothing then shall hinder Your loving purposes,
not even our own fickleness,
so long as we surrender to Your leading,
and allow Your peace to replace our tension.

In this sacred place,
and at this threshold time,
I seek Your leading now.
Let Your praise fill my emptiness,
and Your Spirit inspire the prayers
that shape both lives and nations,
as Your presence rests on this journey
that You have called me to.