Spirit of Prayer

Thirty prayer poems packed with practical wisdom, theological truths and poetic insights, wrapped in layers of exquisite music by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa, and interspersed with five of Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.


A Feast for the Ears and the Eyes with ‘every track a diamond’, as one person put it.

Sally Mowbray has beautifully illustrated these prayers and poems.
Do take the time to enjoy them – she has created a real work of art.

Concerning the piece ‘Bring your work to completion,’ Laurie Klein wrote:


‘It is intimate, inspired, and it drew me right in. I especially love the section where you invite us to listen to the Scriptures being read and spontaneously assign them as prayers to the name or face which pops into your head. For every verse that you read, I found the Spirit supplying the recipient.’

We hope you will be blessed with similar experiences as you soak in the words and music.

Spirit of Prayer

The Vision of Glory

May the Lord empower you as you listen, and and enable you to respond in the Spirit of Prayer.

Read the words as you listen to each track individually on this illustrated page.

Or listen to the whole album right through on our Soundcloud playlist.

Spirit of Prayer (2)

Creative God

This second offering in the Spirit of Prayer includes songs by gifted singer/songwriters Linda Louisa and Carol Sampson, as well as exquisite music by Dvorak, Marcello and Mozart along with beautifully crafted improvisations that enhance the meditations, prayers and poems.