Three Prayers in Nine Words

Jun 24, 2021

Three prayers in nine words

Do you have a favourite author you often find yourself turning to for comfort and consolation? It’s like meeting an old friend, with whom we settle into wonderfully familiar rhythms and themes. The novelist Elizabeth Goudge is one such for me: her stories threaded through with leitmotivs of love and redemption, however dark the places her characters find themselves in.

These characters are themselves beautifully depicted. In The Scent of Water, she introduces us to an old priest whom no-one has much time for because he is odd and appears not to know how to behave in ‘polite’ society. Embarrassing though he may be to others, he possesses a true and pure childlike spirit of trust, and has the gift of reaching hearts through his simple faith. In just nine words and three prayer-phrases he summarises the tenets of his approach to life:

Lord, have mercy.
Thee I adore.
Into Thy hands.

Why not try taking these prayers to heart, and making them your own?