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Back in 1980, one of the people in our small Christian community in Oxford had a vivid dream in which she saw Russian troops spilling into Europe at a time when such a threat was considered long since dead and buried. Bearing in mind that the dream came nine years before the end of the Cold War, it had a deep impact on me, and I have never forgotten it.

Prayer concerning the war in Ukraine

Russia’s allies

Tsar Alexander III once declared that “Russia has only two allies: its army and navy.” This article dating back to 2014 highlights that nation’s growing isolation, a trend that has continued since, and was most recently underpinned by courageously overt criticism of its war in Ukraine from the leaders of China, India and Turkey. (See also this recent article. )

Russia is left with no option but to look to fellow extremist dictators for support, and in particular, to North Korea and Iran. It has been strengthening its ties in these directions, and+ has reputedly sought to enlist North Koreans, as well as buying armaments. These, however, are not relationships based on friendship, but on the mutual back-scratching of two nations that are both suffering considerably from severe sanctions.

Russia boasts of being the master of deception but claims that it has destroyed 44 of the efficient Himar rocket missile systems are most unlikely to be true, given that America has not supplied that many! What is possible, is that they have destroyed wooden replicas of the weapons built by the Ukrainians.

Russia has imported a huge quantity of fairly advanced drones from Iran, which are bringing deadly reinforcement to their campaign in Ukraine. Odessa has been struck almost daily.

Putin has sacked many of his top generals and commanders over the course of his campaign, and has called up 300,000 reservists, egged on in this by the hardliners. There are indications to suggest that some of these – both those who have been drafted, and those who have been recruited from amongst prisoners – are already embedded in various Russian units, some with as little as one day’s basic training.

Now, in a sort of mirror image of what must have taken place all across Ukraine, there are many Russians desperate to leave their country, in order to avoid the draft. There is great pressure on the Finnish border, and in Georgia where the queues have been very long. By no means all are being allowed to enter by the Russian border guards. And no wonder, Russian troops are suffering not only from a lack of strategic thinking and planning, but also face truly awful conditions where they are quartered.

This article from the Guardian uncovers the chaos sweeping through Russia in the wake of the call to mobilise, and reveals how Putin is thought to has taken direct control of the military effort himself – a measure that itself has every chance of increasing the chaos.

Russian control in Ukraine

Major forces are once again massing in the Kharkiv region. In reality, they had never retreated fully out of artillery and rocket range. Controlling Kharkiv remains a key objective for Russian forces, not least for the purposes of propaganda, since it lies so close to the border.
As to the referendum results in the four Russian occupied regions of Ukraine, the fact that they have been rigged should be obvious to all, but Putin is now set to formally annexe the regions – with all the potential implications that the media have been quick to highlight.


Father, so much is fraught in both Ukraine and Russia, and so many lives threatened with great danger.

Lord God, You told Ezekiel to pack his bag and to go (Ezek. 12:3, cf Jer. 10:17, and Is. 52:12) Make it clear to those who should do so in Russia, we pray. Go before them, and be their rear guard. We pray for all who are contemplating leaving their homelands before borders close, and ask You to station Your angels wherever people are crossing from one land into another. May they be the ultimate border guards!

Confuse and confound the plans of the enemy. Give grace and wisdom to those who are actively and courageously resisting him. Catch the crafty in their craftiness and, in the fullness of time, bring wicked plans to naught.

Gird your sword upon your side, o mighty One, clothe Yourself with splendour and majesty. In Your majesty ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness. Let Your right hand display awesome deeds . . . You who love righteousness and hate wickedness. (Ps. 45:3-7)

See also Psalm 64.

Putin’s next step

When Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, he was at the height of his powers, and overflowing with hubris. This threat of Nazism remains deeply engrained in the Russian psyche, and Putin has been playing on it for all he is worth by declaring that Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis and represents an existential threat to Russia. Are there Nazis in Ukraine? Undoubtedly. Does that merit a Russian invasion? Absolutely not.

And whereas Russia eventually saw off the German invasion, Putin is very well aware that he is losing this conflict. Hitler was always in search of ‘wonder weapons:’ Putin already has them. The question is, what he will do with them?

Much has been written about his threats to use nuclear weapons against the West, and many have pointed out that it would be naïve to dismiss them out of hand as mere sabre rattling: yes, the threats are those of a bully who wants to deter those who will stand up to him. But he is also a desperate man who has failed to achieve a goal he assumed was easily won, and with such a man, there is always the risk that he will do something that causes everyone to lose. Sooner or later humankind always uses the weapons it has manufactured. Needless to say, the psychological, as well as physical damage, done by either chemical and nuclear weaponry would be utterly devastating.

Back in 1973, the Lord called Samuel Howells (Rees Howell’s son) to pray against the enemy precipitating Armageddon at a time when Russia was planning to ship nuclear weapons to Egypt during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. An enormous burden came on him to pray such as had not been known in the Bible College of Wales since the Second World War.

Former President Medvedev has repeatedly raised the spectre of Russian nuclear strikes against Ukraine whilst at the same time confidently declaring that the West will not retaliate, but will instead do all it possibly can to avoid a nuclear exchange. This puts the Biden regime in a bind: it neither wants to appear spineless in its response, nor to escalate matters to a full-blown nuclear war.

I certainly do not claim to have received such a commission to pray against the conflict in Ukraine extending to include the use of chemical and nuclear weapons, but it certainly makes sense that we join together with our praying communities to cry out to the Lord concerning such a possibility.

Russia’s future

Putin, of course, is a man like any other and will one day come face to face with his Maker. But Russia and her people remain – and who or what will come in his In the short to medium term, a great deal depends on his relationship with his military. As we have seen, may be more shakey than most people realise. This rather disturbing update from MSN is well worth reading and praying into.

We pray for this brainwashed nation, Lord, many of whom still swear complete allegiance to this their President. Let millions come to recognise that his words are through and through false: that NATO is not holding Russia to nuclear blackmail, and that 98% of people in the occupied territories do not want Russia to be their overlord. Let the mask fall yet further off, and let more and more people realise that these things are just not so.

The rush to Russia’s borders

There is a real need for miracles at every level in this conflict, both on the field of battle, and grace for the surrounding nations who are receiving those fleeing it.

Georgia, which was obliged to fight (and lose) a war with Russia in 2008, is facing an influx of people from the nation that defeated it – and the sheer number of migrants is leading to enormous pressure on its own infrastructure.

In a remarkable volte-face, Kazakhstan, a longstanding friend to Moscow is actively welcoming those fleeing Russia. Theirs is the second longest land border in the world, and, with some sources claiming that 100,000 people have now crossed over from Russia, poverty-stricken Kazakhstan too is facing considerable challenges.

It does not come naturally to most of us to pray about ammunition stocks – we are more concerned to pray for people’s souls! – but an essential part of Putin’s hopes are focused on Ukraine running out of them before Russia runs out of military personnel. The West has certainly been sending more effective anti-air defences to Ukraine, but both America and Germany have steadfastly refused thus far to permit its modern battle tanks to be deployed. This leaves Ukraine using seriously antiquated T64 Soviet tanks (mainly captured from the Russians), and which are even more outdated than the Russian T72 which is primarily all the Russians have left, having, it is claimed, lost a staggering 2000 of its more modern front-line tanks in the conflict so far.

  • In the aftermath of the fall of the Iron Curtain, the UK decommissioned many of its army and navy store basis for ammunition. Now it has to very large extent expended its stocks supplying Russia, and is proving extremely slow about setting to work to rearm. Yet again this represents a complete lack of joined up thinking. What if the West were to find itself caught up in other conflicts? (French ammunition supplies are basically in the same depleted state, but Macron has, reportedly, resolved to do something about this at top speed).
  • With the Russian military machine struggling as never before, it would be a great disaster for the people of Ukraine if their forces were not supplied with enough ammunition to continue their offensives to retake land that the Russians have seized.
  • I never cease to be concerned at the lack of joined-up forward planning in this respect. We closed many of our Army and Navy ammunition centres at the end of the Cold War, and fresh contracts have reportedly still not been issued to ramp up production of weapons and ammunition in the UK – with the result that we have almost exhausted our stocks. (France is facing similar shortages, although it is now determined to do something about this at top speed).
  • Be Lord of the supply system we pray – and in particular Lord we pray for continued protection on the bringing into Ukraine of key weapons and armaments, and their subsequent deployment.
  • We continue to bless you for the Ukrainian rail system and the great courage that has been displayed both to take huge numbers of Ukrainians out to safety and to bring vital supplies and stores in. Keep the railways operating we pray in Jesus’ name.

Putin’s long game

The situation remains fast-moving with regards to Ukraine, and will no doubt evolve again swiftly. Having utterly miscalculated how easy it would prove to conquer Ukraine, Putin has been calculating that Russia is better placed to endure hard economic hardships than the sybaritic comfort-loving West. His hope for some time has been that ’weaponizing’ energy will have the knock-on effect of causing populist regimes to emerge across Europe, who will put their own national interests first to the point where it reduces or even destroys their commitment to the unity of the coalition against him.

To that end Russia has directed a lot of effort into influencing (and investing in) the outcome of elections in counties such as Italy. Giorgia Meloni has certainly supported Ukraine thus far, even though one of her new partners, Silvio Berlusconi, continues to be very forthright in his support for Vladimir Putin.

We can certainly see a considerable measure of success in the support he has given Hungary too – and in the ten-fold increase of seats for the far right in France, where Marie le Pen campaigned initially with a picture of her and Putin together.

Escalation into the Baltic Sea

Germany and other European countries are needing huge supplies of liquid natural gas (LNG) to be shipped across from America. You can imagine what a hive of activity there must be preparing terminals to receive this as opposed to the simplicity of receiving Russian gas through a pipeline.

The flipside of this, of course, is that this leaves fewer reserves of LNG to send to the developing countries in Asia and elsewhere, but which are now being rediverted to Europe, and especially to Germany. The inevitable result of this is that those now largely abandoned countries must either resort to burning coal, or experience regular blackouts or brownouts – that is, partial outages during which the voltage is reduced, and which can do serious damage to electronic devises in people’s homes and businesses.

These challenges look set only to worsen when the ban on importing crude oil from Russia comes fully into place. This BBC article charting energy imports is less than a month old, but already it has been partly superseded by latest developments: namely, the explosions that have caused Nord Stream pipes to leak under the Baltic Sea.

Alone of the nations in the region, Russia has the submersible equipment to carry out such an act of sabotage. This enlarging of the crisis to the Baltic Sea – where Russian forces have long been probing Swedish and Scandinavian defences – represents another escalation along the way. See too this simulated nuclear attack on the region and this link too.

Father, a great idolatry is now pursuing the West – which in turn is full of idols of its own making. Every step that Putin takes plunges the world into ever greater danger. This is a street fighter and a poker player, who knows only to escalate the stakes when faced by setbacks. But this is a gangster who in his own way has sold his soul to rocket power in much the same way that the leader of North Korea has done.

But this is also a clash of ideologies, whose repercussions are now being felt more and more on Earth; the shelling of nuclear power plants in Ukraine being but the outer rim and edge of a potentially catastrophic situation.

We pray for the obvious things, Lord: the readiness of the Armed Forces, the decisions taken at the United Nations and the White House, Number 10 and Brussels – especially if still more lethal weapons are brought into play at any point. most of all though, Lord, we recognise that it is above all what is decreed in the heavenly places that is the most important factor of all.

You see Putin’s seething hatred towards the West, and his constant calculations as to what he can and might not get away with. Lord, as You did to thwart Sennacherib’s deadly intentions, (but did not initially do to thwart Nebuchadnezzar) we ask that You will thwart this man’s collaboration with destructive powers of darkness that would goad him ever further down a very slippery slope.

Turn his paranoia against him to restrain him we pray in Jesus’ name.

The danger to undersea Cables

This, of course, brings us ever closer to the matter we have been warning of for many years, which is how easy it would be for Russian ships to cut the underwater cables that connect the world’s internet and finances. A specialist fleet of submarines have been training for just such projects for decades that would completely disrupt the whole of ‘wired’ western life as we know it today. This article – which was written a month before Russia invaded Ukraine – explains this well. It is also an important reminder of how significant Russian activities in the Arctic have become.

Father, the world as we know it is effectively only a few snips of a cables away from being plunged into a new dark age – just as it would be if nuclear weapons are used. We ask You to oversee and overrule these multiple threats, and to enable defence and security units of the world’s various armed forces to be utterly alert effective and guided by You.

For those being held by the Russians

Not so many months ago we were mourning for those who were being ill-treated in Belarus. Now we must pray for the large numbers of Ukrainians being interrogated and tortured by the Russians in the areas that they have occupied. The stories that are emerging are truly awful. There is also the great fear that many Ukrainians are being conscripted to fight against their own people on the spurious grounds that where they are living is now part of ‘Russia.’

Father, we ask You to be present in power in each prison cell, with each person we pray supernatural anaesthesia against the pain, and great resilience of body mind and spirit – especially for those who are in danger of crumbling into the depths of utmost despair. Bring the light of Christ to many at this time, we pray. Rescue and bring many safely through these ordeals.

For the Lord to be at work on the front lines

As huge numbers of combatants facing each other, all with their own fears, hopes and ideals – some with bravado but many wishing they were back with their families, let’s pray for the work of God on the front lines.

Father, the military environment is not conducive to quiet reflection, but into these extended lines, where fear is everywhere, and the culture is inevitably one of survival instinct, machoism and much bad language, we pray that You will activate in many soldiers’ lives all such seeds as have been sown in them of spiritual truth – and all such witness as their believing fellow soldiers share with them.

Activate and reactivate we pray all that people serving on the front lines have learnt about You through contact with Sunday schools or church, or through direct contact with the word of God – as well as the example of praying mothers and grandmothers. Yes Lord, there on the front lines, we pray that Your Spirit will be at work to make the God of Israel known as the God of the whole world at this time.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

We have written before about Patriarch Kirill’s extreme unity of heart and mind with Vladimir Putin, and how he has sought to make the Church an arm of the State. With reference to this fresh mobilisation he has written:

“If someone, moved by a feeling of duty and the necessity to fulfil an oath, remains faithful to his calling and dies while fulfilling his military duty, then he, without a doubt, carries out an act that is equivalent to sacrifice. He makes that sacrifice on behalf of others. And therefore, we believe that this sacrifice will wash away all the sins that he has committed.”

This reminds me of two things. On the one hand, the way in which the Catholic Church in Luther’s day used to pedal indulgences, promising time off purgatory and remission for sins in return for paying a certain fee to the Church for such things as going on pilgrimages or for fasting. No wonder Luther was grieved!

Still more poignantly with regard to the global situation today, it speaks to me as being a prototype of the synergy between the beast and the false prophet that we read of in Rev. 16:13.

Putin has done all he can to ‘intermingle’ the cause of the Armed forces with the Orthodox Church – as witnessed by the main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.

Father, when we consider all the truly holy people who have lived to love and serve You in the Orthodox Church through the centuries, (and the many who still do) we grieve to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing heading up this powerful institution.

Give special insight to Your people Lord to recognise that salvation is by grace and faith alone and not by sacrificing one’s life for an utterly spurious cause. Grant first the discernment and then the courage to recognise the fallacy that lies at the heart of it, and not to fall for it.

So this is where things are up to. Patriarch Karyl is effectively saying that dying for your country on active service is the way to get your sins released, and to ensure acceptance into Heaven. Salvation has never been by military service alone, and this is yet another example of his close cooperation with the President, sowing deadly error that would lead many to derive a false sense of spiritual confidence at the very time when they most need to be seeking God to truly be born again. Once again, we pray therefore: ‘Separate the Church apostate from the true and living church’.

Deep calls to Deep – From the Orthodox Tradition

I came across this beautiful piece of music from the Russian Orthodox tradition a few months ago, and asked Justin to transcribe it, which he most helpfully did. I hope that many of us will find that by playing this will help us to share more deeply in prayer for Russia and Ukraine.

A Rocky Path ahead for the UK and the nations

All this, of course, is taking place in the shadow and against the backdrop of an economic crisis of truly gigantic proportions. Things were already at a critical pitch before the measures introduced by Liz Truss and her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng introduced which have reportedly taken a staggering $500,000,000,000 off the UK markets in just a very few days.

This is indeed looking likely to prove much worse than Black Wednesday, and is already causing many other nations to mock us for rewarding the rich at such a critical time (likening the British pound to the Greek drachma and the Italian lire at their weakest), and to fear the ‘currency contagion’ for themselves.

There is no question that this ‘fiscal event’ offers far more to those who have enough, than it does to those who do not. Will the benefit really trickle down? How does the Lord feel about such things?

BBC2’s Newsnight provided a helpful overview profile of what it calls ‘A Gambler’s Streak’ that has long been a major part of Kwasi Kwarteng’s psychological make up.

Lord, have mercy on all who are going be affected, and on all that this is going to lead to. Release resources to match the needs of this hour, we pray. Open up ancient wells and dig new ones we pray.

With basic foodstuffs and provisions set to become far more expensive, (and commodities primarily trading in dollars at a time when the pound is currently at or near a record low against the dollar), and the cost of borrowing and the inflation rate soaring significantly, the economic storm is set to match Hurricane Ian in its intensity.

You will have heard of the IMF taking the rare step of sounding a strong warning against the present direction of travel that Truss and Kwarteng are taking, and urging them to reverse course in the next fiscal statement towards the end of November. The IMF is no more perfect in its predictions that any other organisation, but the vast majority of people believe that a seriously wrong direction has been taken, decisions that are likely to have seriously deleterious effects on the British economy, and people trust in the UK as a safe financial destination.

The catastrophic fallout from the recent ‘fiscal event’ is leaving the UK heading straight into the economic hyper crisis that Chris Wickland predicted in his prophetic word about an immense and imminent shifting of the seasons. (You may remember that Chris also foresaw three years of acute humbling ahead for the UK.) Rather as the many hurricanes around the world this month have caused such widespread damage, so the fallout from this fiscal event will be not only shaking but destroying many foundations, posing severe challenges to the ongoing viability of many churches and ministries.

More than ever, we need to be praying for those most seriously affected by these shakings – and for the Lord to be deeply at work raising up a people for His own possession who will dwell on the heights, whose refuge will be the mountain fortress, and whose supplies of bread and water will not fail. (Titus 2:14 and Is. 33:14-16)

The pressures on Liz Truss and her Chancellor have become so great in the last few days that they represent the sort of pressure that can cause governments to implode.

It is important to be praying about what happens next, not least that it happens in as orderly a fashion as possible, because we have entered uncharted territory, and there are short to be very strong currents and dangerous reefs around.

Lord, You knew the measures that this ‘new’ administration was going to introduce. We give you now the fallout as it relates to every single person and business in the country – as well as how this plays out on the international markets in terms of weakening global stability. We ask You to meet the needs of all at this critical time, both by direct provision and through the kind and watchful supplies from others.

The Seasons are Shifting

Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

In Malvern Mashal 439 we released an extended testimony by Chris Wickland called The Joseph Generation, which explores in detail a prophetic sense he believes God has given him that the world is on the cup of entering a time of financial difficulty that will far eclipse recent recessions, including the financial crash of 2008.

Before discovering that word, we came across another one by him back in July that spoke about a radical shift in the seasons that would occur this autumn. The word was so radical that we decided as a team to hold it over the summer in order to pray into it.

As we know, all prophecy is ‘in part.’ This is an extremely sobering word, though not without the hope that many will come to Christ through the turmoil Chris, along with many other prophets, foresees ahead of us. We share it with you now and invite you to weigh and test the message he brings.

And here is the link again to The Joseph Generation in case you missed it before.

Pray for Italy

Those with a heart for Italy, will want to pray especially for it in the aftermath of the recent elections

For many British people, Italy, like France, has primarily featured in their lives as a holiday destination. From time to time, we have sought to bring it to our attention from a spiritual perspective, and feel that this is a good time to do so again now.

The most prominent feature of the recent election concerns the extraordinarily swift rise of Giorgia Meloni. In a politically volatile nation, her party saw their share of the vote increase from from 4% in the last election to over 24% this time – a clear winning margin. Allied with the far from salubrious Berlusconi of Forza Italia – who has recently reconfirmed his support and admiration for Vladimir Putin, an endorsement that Meloni herself has given – Meloni is expected to form the most right wing government in Italy since the Second World War.

During the campaign, Giorgia presented herself as a moderate with a clear attraction to Fascist models and predecessors, while taking a strong anti-immigrant line. See this article from Sky News: Italy will move to the right: the question is how far.

Let’s pray God’s mercy and leading on a country that has experienced so much political turmoil for so many years – not to mention the distress caused by the frequent natural disasters that the Lord highlighted in an often-quoted prophecy from 1911.

You may find these two presentations that we released a few years ago on behalf of Italy a blessing, and a basis for further prayer. Pray for the soil and soul of Italy and May the Ruach Breath of the Spirit move across Italy.

(To get more of a feel for some of the problems Italy is facing, we would commend the writings of Tobias Jones, for instance his book ‘The Dark side of Italy.’)

Lord, we give You Italy’s future now. Thank you that the far-right Northern League under Matteo Salvini have received a significant setback – but in this country that many regard as almost ungovernable, we pray for Giorgia to steer a careful and successful course between its commitments to the West and the pressure she will be under from ultra-nationalists to adopt more protectionist policies.

And what we pray for Italy we pray also for Brazil, as the election there gets under way, and the possibility of replacing the ultra-nationalist Bolsonaro. As with Trump in in America, Bolsonaro has succeeded in carrying the vast majority of evangelical vote with him. (Bolsonaro has shown himself to be one in spirit with Trump in many ways, not least in declaring already ahead of time that he will question the outcome of the election).

Pray for the work of God amongst Iranian people

Most of us who have followed the twists and turns of the protests in Iran will have been deeply concerned by what we have seen. Ostensibly about the arbitrary ways in which the Morality Police apply the rules concerning wearing a hijab, the demonstrations are fuelled by the long-nursed and intense anger of the younger generation, with activists complaining of widespread internet outage, and a lack of access to social media. There has been much loss of life.

Historically, such protests do not automatically succeed – effective regime change, such as is desired in countries like Iran, Belarus, Hong Kong and Myanmar, is not often brought about in these ways. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is no organised opposition ready to take over, and the government hold all the levers of power.

Add in to that, that President Raisi of Iran is both experienced and ruthless in putting protests down – he was one of the infamous three who sent around five thousand people to an early death in 1988 – and the prospect of change seems remote. May the Lord determine this nation’s future.

The desire to protest against a lack of freedom that we in the West take for granted is entirely understandable. It is also a potential snare for the Church in Iran. Pray they will have great wisdom in these things, and continue blessing people by preaching Christ and serving the poor and the afflicted. May nothing take way from the great work that God is doing amongst Farsi-speaking people – so much so that many say that Iran has the fastest growing church in the world.

I was sent the following article by Roland Worton, who led worship at one of our Malvern conferences and who ministers extensively to Iranian people.

What is happening and why? For several years, women have been challenging the ‘hair covering’ rule, especially in urban areas, such as the capital Tehran. We personally know women who have been arrested, interrogated and forced to sign agreements to permanently shut down social media accounts for showing their hair publicly. Mahsa Amini recently become famous around the world as a woman who was arrested and died due to injuries sustained in custody, simply for revealing too much of her hair.

Every few years, Iran experiences a surge of protests challenging the Islamic regime, and this volatile time sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, is no different. What is important to understand is that the country is effectively led by a Supreme Court of Islamic clerics, who use the elected president as a front to keep hold of the country’s population. On a local level Islamic law is enforced by ‘religious police’ who arrest and intimidate those who break the Islamic rules – holding hands in public, inappropriate, or of course, showing their hair in public.

You may have seen video footage of religious police beating, intimidating, and displaying violent behaviour toward women for not upholding Islamic traditions. In fact, they believe that their faith endorses and celebrates this.

At some point one of these nationwide ‘surges’ will result in the overthrow of the regime. The question remains, when? And who will fill the power gap? Will a new regime or power-base prove to have the best interests of Iran at heart? In previous protests, thousands have been filmed and photographed for simply showing up – and were later arrested and sentenced. Some have simply disappeared. We have friends who are now walking with Jesus who were previous employees of the government – situated on roof tops filming and photographing innocent protestors who would later be arrested. Please be praying for this injustice to stop.

We are praying for freedom for Iran, but also know that the hope of the nation does not reside simply in political change. As disturbing as the current situation is, we also know that simultaneously the Kingdom of God is transforming the nation one life at a time – and Iran houses the fastest growing church in the world. Stealth, bold, courageous, and powerful.

Please pray for Iran at this time. This is not a time to back down on our commitment to strengthen the growing church and see the millions who are disillusioned with Islam find life and peace in Christ. Satellite television plays a key part in providing worship and teaching for millions of Iranians in homes and underground churches. Lord let Your people in Iran be gifted and anointed to focus on sharing the heart of Your gospel with others at this time, and to be ultra-fruitful in doing just that.

The warning of Cromwell and Khomeini for the Church: eschew nationalism!

Another friend sent me this timely article that he has written. Believers hold varying positions when it comes to their beliefs concerning the spiritual significance of the modern state of Israel, but this article shines a light into many situations and countries today where the often complex spectre of ultra-nationalism is raising its ugly head.