Unlocking what need not be in Lockdown (Part 3)

Apr 22, 2020 | Short thoughts

Following on from the previous reflection, the Lord showed me the next day a number of people who had long since gone Home to Him but who, for various reasons, I had felt let down or disappointed by. Once again, the Lord appeared to be far less concerned with my concerns than I was, and requested that I forgave them. It was a pure joy and blessing to do so. Isn’t it lovely to think that the Lord still hears our heart cry when we forgive people beyond their earthly lifespan?

Yes, it is good to be discerning, and to be concerned for truth in the inward being, but without charity, all our wisdom and discernment and speaking the truth in love risks being merely a clanging cymbal, coming between us and the Lord.

Who might He ask you to forgive now?

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  1. Laurie Klein

    Yes, so encouraging. Kairos activity inspired by our timeless God. Amen

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