Scan the skies and let My Spirit shape and inspire your prayers

Oct 12, 2018 | Audio-Visual Presentations, INSIGHTS

Feast on these very brief reflections on prayer set to a beautiful trio by CPE Bach. The voices you will hear are those of Robert Weston and Andrew Whettam.

In less time than it takes to pronounce these words
prayer can travel any distance,
ford any river, and cross any sea;
and since those who pray together are most likely to stay together,
may we re-form our lives around Your inner summons
lest we end up thinking too much and praying too little.

When I call you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the word sha’al means to ‘enquire earnestly concerning’.

Try to find out what is on My heart for the situations that You bring to Me.

The sling and the stone that were right for slaying Goliath would not have served in later battles.

Report for duty rather than issuing Me with instructions; better far to blend your will to Mine than to try to bind Mine to your confined perspective.

One word from Heaven sets you on the very best course of action,

So scan the skies and let My Spirit shape and inspire your prayers.”

Let shafts of longing and wider panoramas develop our life of prayer – and along with them the resolve to go in search of You.


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