“Rescue the Christians”

Aug 12, 2014 | Devotions and Reflections, Events to pray for, Flashpoints

After sharing horror stories of what is happening to Christians in Iraq, Tim Montgomerie argues powerfully in an article in Saturday’s The Times (August 9th: Rescue the Christians) that the IS is now in a position of territory, power, sophisticated equipment and funds that bin Laden could only have dreamt of. One thing is for sure: Isis will not for one moment be content to stop if they succeed in conquering their present objectives. (Jordan could be one of the next targets).

Tim believes it is a great mistake that America’s military response has so far been so tentative in attacking Isis deployments. See The Times – Rescue the Christians and also Action not words needed from a Canadian perspective.

And here is a prayer-poem for Northern Iraq written by a Canadian:
Stacy Gleddiesmith

Suffering God, hear the cry of your people in Iraq and Syria!

In your name ISIS butchers.
In your name ISIS tortures children.
In your name ISIS rapes and steals and murders.

Lord come quickly to uphold your name.
Reveal to the blinded their own actions.
Bring them to their knees with weeping.
Unveil to them the depth of their evil.
Turn them from darkness before they are lost.

You are the living water – bring water to the thirsty.
You are the bread of life – bring food to the hungry.
You are the good shepherd – guide the escape of the fleeing.
You are the true vine – provide community for the wandering.
You are the light of the world – give clear vision to those who lead.
You are the gate – provide safe haven for those in danger.
You are the resurrection and the life – give hope to the dying.
You are the way, the truth, and the life –provide a future for the destitute.

For you have not despised the suffering of the afflicted ones.
You feel every cut of the knife.
You share their agony.
You share their fear.
You share their weeping.
You share their hunger and thirst.
You share their poverty and displacement.

Lord Jesus, come quickly to help them.
Lamb of God, hear their cry.

And for us, who are distant:
Keep us from complacency.
Help us to not be overwhelmed into inactivity
By the size of this struggle.
Open our eyes to what we can do.
Teach us to pray.
Teach us to use our resources wisely.
Keep our hearts broken.
Keep our eyes wet with tears.

Come, Lord Jesus,
come quickly.

With tens of thousands displaced, what we are seeing on the TV news is just a tiny window into all that is going on.

And pray for countries (like ours) to open their borders to accept the displaced.

Pray for every family affected who has been forced to flee and is caught up in this nightmare.

According to some reports horrendous massacres are now happening all the time. An Iraqi official has also reported that hundreds of Yazidi women have been taken into slavery by the IS.

On the Tunnel Front
There was also an important article in the Telegraph this weekend revealing more of Hamas’ tunnel strategy. This is well worth being aware of.

The region has been a magnet for propaganda warfare since Sennacherib and his henchmen tried to talk Hezekiah into surrendering (See Isaiah 36). In the light of serious demonstrations against Israel in dozens of countries over the past few days, this is an important aspect of the whole situation.

The following are also powerful testimonies, although we do not know the people concerned and are unable to verify them personally.

Gaza IDF Ground War PERSPECTIVE from Jim Searcy

A friend in Israel wrote to us,

The BBC website quotes some analysis about the casualties figures in Gaza. This shows that 3 times as many men than women/children were killed. This gives credence to the Israeli claim that 8-900 were Hamas/Jihadi fighters were killed. It still means, also, that there were about 1,000 civilian casualties.

Finally, we were sent this beautiful and moving image.Intheclouds

Keep this image handy as you seek the Lord and pray about these major events.


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