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Jan 20, 2016 | Mission Africa

January 2016

Our first mission of the year to Byerima – 18-25th Jan

We have been continuing to receive stories of what God did during our last mission to Kakubasari. These include the following:

God’s love in action: Maria Nakate – a drunkard and heavy smoker who ran up heavy debts in the shops. On the second day of the mission she gave her life to Jesus. The change people saw in her was so radical that, to her utter amazement, people paid off all her debts for her!

New peace: Shalon Namyalo suffered nightmares every night. She gave her life to Jesus and has slept soundly ever since!

Life transformed: in our report last month we mentioned that Mr Sepabwa a notorious local drunk and womaniser had given his life to Jesus and had even led two of his drinking companions to the Lord. Ronnie, a team member recently contacted him to find that he is still strong in his new found faith. He told Ronnie that when his former companions offer him a drink, he declines, explaining that he now has Jesus!

Your prayers would be greatly welcome . . .

. . . for our forthcoming mission in Byerima, which is a little village in the District of Kyankwazi, one hundred and ten miles north west of Kampala.

The main forms of livelihood are three fold:

image003– Subsistence farming (matooke, maize, beans and rice

– Livestock keeping – the long horned cattle are raised by both the local Ankole people and others who have taken refuge in the area (from either Rwanda or the Congo)

– Timber and charcoal harvesting.

is the very poorest district of Central Uganda. Two out of five live on less than five pounds per week. Four out of five children attend primary schools but sadly only one out of six have the blessing of going on to secondary level.

Daniel Kato (e)Our team will be led by Pastor Daniel Kato who felt called to plant a church in this needy area last Easter.

We are very blessed by having Pastor Peter Araplinga as the host pastor. Pastor Peter is not only gifted administratively but also heads up the local fellowship of pastors. Like Daniel he has a great heart for evangelism and reaching out to women and orphans.



* False prophets
* Witchcraft
* There are many bars and prostitutes
* Islam has gained much ground in the area, and many mosques are being built
* Many new believers backslide
* Wrong doctrine is being taught in a number of churches
* There is much violence and numerous murders
* The local Catholic Church owns the local sports field (which would make an ideal venue!) but is currently opposing the crusade from taking take place on its land

For the reasons listed above, please pray protection and anointing on the mission team (and their families) – and on those who will come to know the Lord

Urgent prayer needed!

  • For the release of a suitable site in which to hold the crusades each day
  • For a dynamic Spirit-led increase of unity among the pastors of the area
  • For very many to be saved, healed and delivered in this challenging area
  • For God to bring about a mighty harvest and to move in such a way as to transform the region.

Let’s join together in thanking God, and press in to see Him do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine, according to His power that is within us.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. As you can see they are absolutely essential for all that God has in store during the coming days.

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint
on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team

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