World Watch

Why has God allowed this seismic shock to surprise the States?

You will all have been doing your best to see beyond all the hype and propaganda associated with the thoroughly unpleasant American election campaign, and to see what the Lord may be doing through this surprise result. I have been more than happy hitherto not to have... read more

Keeping our eyes on Russia

Russia is continuing to ratchet up the tension – Why we are being called to resume our posts on our prayer the watchtowers concerning russian intentions At a time when the attention of the West is inevitably being distracted by the sight of political... read more

World Watch: Pray for Teresa May and Angela Merkel

Pray for Teresa May and her team as they grapple on a daily basis with a huge range of pressing issues in the months ahead, not least with matters pertaining to Brexit, and developing her relationships with numerous world leaders. There are going to be plenty of... read more

World Watch: Cyber Threats

One of the major issues Teresa and her team are grappling with is whether to go ahead with the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. This raises directly and indirectly an issue we have often highlighted for prayer: the immense threats that cyber attacks pose to... read more

World Watch: Pray for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, another extremely poor country, has shot to media prominence as a result of the death of its long term dictator, who preserved a great deal of the Soviet apparatus and oversaw one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Christians continue to face intense... read more