World Watch

Just one incident can lead to serious consequences

With the armed forces of many nations in action over Syrian air-space at the moment, not to mention the regular Turkish strikes against the Kurds it has been a mercy that, thus far, events have not spiralled into a major escalation in the Middle East. But then we have... read more

Praying for The Netherlands

I looked for the one my heart loves. (Song 3:1) May this be the joy and discovery of many Dutch people! God of the great and the small, at this time when we are concerned for such very major issues amongst the nations, we are praying for Your power to burst forth in... read more

Reaching out to the IETSIST generation

God made the nations so they would seek him, perhaps even reach out to him and find him. In fact, God isn’t far away from any of us. (Acts 17:27 CEB Other versions say, ‘feel after Him’, or even ‘grope for Him and find Him’). Last week I had the joy and privilege of... read more

Hygge: a huge blessing but in its own way a huge challenge to faith

You are sure to have heard of the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ – it was the second most sought after new word in 2016! The Dutch have their own equivalent: gezelligheid, which means ‘cosy and sociable.’ I was certainly both hygge and gezelligheid in my friend’s flat in... read more

Corrie Ten Boom’s House

One of the highlights of my trip to Haarlem was my visit to the perfectly preserved house where Corrie Ten Boom and her family served as jewellers and watch menders. It is an extraordinary story. Corrie was already into her fifties when her family opened their door to... read more

The dilemmas that Russia is posing the world

This overview follows on from our recent article (To Russia with love, and further dimensions to the cyber-threat) on the risk posed by Russian to global internet cables. You may well find some of the details here disturbing. I have quoted historical precedents for... read more