World Watch

The Turkish-Syrian Crisis

Once more the crisis in Syria has come to the fore. Nothing but Turkish resolve could have prevented Assad’s forces, with massive support from Russia’s air superiority, from decimating still more the multitudes who had taken refuge as a last refuge in Idlib province,... read more

May the Lord pierce the dense clouds of smoke over the land of Brazil

Join us in this prayer for Brazil, set to beautiful music, that I have recorded especially for this edition. It is not only smoke from forest fires that hangs over the land, but also from spiritually mixed and confusing sources! Oceans, which generate such a huge... read more

A Brexit Panorama in Prayer

I woke this morning with a strong sense to read chapters 9-14 of Jeremiah, and felt one verse after another lighting up and standing out. I knew immediately that it would be good to turn this into a prayer for everything related to Brexit: a suitable follow on to... read more

Reversing Maastricht and Lisbon – or into a dead end?

I have been having problems with the brakes on my car. A mechanic assumed it needed nothing more than a new ABS Advanced Braking System sensor. I sensed it was more complex – and so it proved to be. How many people when they voted in the Referendum would have thought... read more

Praying for Venezuela

You will have been keeping up to date with the exceptionally tense situatuon in Venezuela, where so many are longing to come out from underneath the yoke of the President who has ruined the country financially. I saw a woman relating that a box of eggs cost 4,500... read more

Zimbabwe needs our prayers

Once again, Zimbabwe is in urgent need of prayer. With unemployment at around 90%, human rights lawyers are saying report that things are as bad now as they were under the rule of Robert Mugabe. The brutal and systematic beatings that have been being meted out to men... read more