Lament and Reflection

We dare not take Your grace for granted Following the horrifying death of Fusiller Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich I have felt the Spirit stirring a deep lament in my soul, and it feels right to give expression to this. This prayer stands in all its rawness, and is set... read more

God is still protecting us

The grace of God has kept us so far from more episodes such as Woolwich  . . . With so many radicalised jihadists scattered around Western Europe, perhaps the real miracle is how few such events there have been, – and how few, relatively speaking, have succeeded... read more

Word by Lance Lambert

The Lord loves to lift us up above our everyday life and circumstances to expand our vision and awareness. (Ezekiel is a prime example of this: e.g. 3:12-14, 8:3, 11:1) For each one of us what He shows us will vary to some extent according to the particular emphasis... read more

Remember those in prison

As we press on with our regular daily lives, how blessed and simple they are compared with those who are facing extreme threats and persecution. As a dear friend who is going through the mill on several different fronts said to me, ‘it is not only those who have shed... read more