The Lord Reigns

Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (3) Set to the music of Bach’s concerto for oboe and violin, BWV 1060 With Thomas Herzog (oboe), Susannah Herzog, Shirley Richards and Helen Rees (violins), Julian Chan (viola), and Jo Garcia (cello).       Lord,... read more

World Watch: Response to the Corona Virus

I heard a top virologist saying yesterday that COVID-19 is the most frightening infection he has met in twenty years in the profession. He proceeded to explain why he considers it to be still more serious than Ebola or Mers despite the apparently low level of deaths... read more

Remember those in prison

Political decisions are important because they will ultimately affect our lives profoundly – but what happens in the depths of people’s hearts is still more important. Let’s be sure not to forget those who are in prison and facing interrogation and great... read more

Hebrews 11 is being reenacted today in the Middle East

The graphic and gruesome video of the 21 young Christian men being brutally slaughtered has shocked Egypt, but as Ramez Atallah, The General Director of the Bible Society of Egypt reports, the outrage has united Christians and Muslims as never before. As soon as the... read more

The Propaganda War

In today’s largely laid back consciousness, the dangers of propaganda and the insidious rise of totalitarian aggression rarely enter people’s consciousness. Partly, that is because it requires a degree of political awareness that in a self-centred world is... read more

Prayer pointers concerning the floods

There have been specific prophetic warnings a year and more ago that the Lord would change our weather patterns as part of the whole way in which we have allowed a flood of unrighteousness to prevail in our society. That is of no comfort to those directly affected by... read more