The Propaganda War

In today’s largely laid back consciousness, the dangers of propaganda and the insidious rise of totalitarian aggression rarely enter people’s consciousness. Partly, that is because it requires a degree of political awareness that in a self-centred world is... read more

Prayer pointers concerning the floods

There have been specific prophetic warnings a year and more ago that the Lord would change our weather patterns as part of the whole way in which we have allowed a flood of unrighteousness to prevail in our society. That is of no comfort to those directly affected by... read more

The Prisoner

As the moving words of Emily Bronte’s slightly adapted poem The Prisoner wash over you, take time to pray on behalf of the many who find themselves deprived of liberty, or who are struggling to retain hope. Still let my tyrants know, I am not doomed to wear Year after... read more

Captive in Iran

Captive in Iran Available from Amazon Maryam and Marziye, imprisoned for the best part of a year in the grim conditions of Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, are anything but typical young believers. For three years they had carried on a systematic and remarkably... read more

First Impressions of Majorca

Discerning the best way to write a book on discernment The Lord was very much in my trip to Majorca, right from the start at check in when I had a nudge at check-in to see whether there might be a seat available with more legroom. I was able to procure one without... read more

Pray for those unfairly accused

From the Specific to the Particular As a ‘way in’ to praying for wider topics, we often advocate taking prayer for one person you know who is facing specific circumstances, and moving on to pray for all who are in that category – rather like in maths the {sets of}!... read more