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Mission Africa: Answers to Prayer

A mighty harvest despite strong spiritual attacks in a “no go” area for the Police. Mission to Lusenke: 19-26 January We have so much to thank God for as the result of our first mission of the year and the first for fifteen years to a small village close to the River... read more

Mission to Lusenke 19-26 January

First of all may we wish you all a most Happy and Blessed New Year! We would like to let you know about our forthcoming mission in Lusenke, a little village close to the River Nile, in the sub county of Busaana, Kuyunga District, eighty miles north east of Kampala.... read more

Mission Africa Prayer Card

Following Terry Charlton`s major recent operation, we felt it right to make a Prayer Card to facilitate regular prayer both for him, and for the work of Mission Africa. Here is the new Mission Africa Prayer Card We mentioned lin the last edition that the operation to... read more

Mission Africa – Mission to Bamusakata

Many more have come to faith in follow up missions to Kibale Bamusakata 17th-24th November: Please pray for this mission Since the mission that Daniel Kato led in Kibale, two follow up visits to this village near the Congo border have proved highly encouraging. We... read more

Mission Africa report – healings aplenty!

La Grande Route de St Pierre St Peter Jersey JE3 7AY Tel: 01534 486082 E-mail:terry.charlton@mission-africa.org September 2014 Healings aplenty! Mission to Kibale 8th-15th September Journey and weather mercies An eight-hour journey over rough and muddy roads enabled... read more

Mission Africa

Terry Charlton writes: Every time that I visit Uganda my heart thrills to hear all that God has been doing – both in the places where we have been evangelising and planting new churches, and in the way the Lord is raising up leaders as a result of the training we have... read more