Mission Africa

Mission Africa – Mission to Byerima

January 2016 Our first mission of the year to Byerima – 18-25th Jan We have been continuing to receive stories of what God did during our last mission to Kakubasari. These include the following: God’s love in action: Maria Nakate – a drunkard and heavy smoker... read more

Mission Africa – Report on Mission to Kakubansiri

Mission to Kakubansiri 16th-23rd November – a brief report Thank you so much for all your prayers for this mission in a rural location which had a strong Muslim presence. Church leaders were amongst those who walked or cycled from a distance of up to fifteen... read more

Mission Africa – Serving a God of multiplication

Serving a God of multiplication: my twenty-fifth visit to Uganda! It is one of the very greatest delights in my life to hear stories and receive reports of what God has been doing as a result of the visits Mission Africa make to regions. The following are two of the... read more

Visit to Africa – June 9th – 30th

Following last month’s successful mission to Luguloire Terry is about to set off for Africa for the fifteenth year running! He says:  My primary purpose is to host a working retreat with the evangelistic team to review all the missions we have recently... read more

Luguloire – African Harvest

The Holy Spirit visited Luguloire! A rapturous welcome for the team – and from the Lord The team were overwhelmed by the rapturous welcome large numbers of people were waiting to greet them with. So great was the hunger for the teaching and the ministry that people... read more

Mission Africa – Mission to Luguloire

First some encouraging updates The team recently re-visited Lusenke, and had the great joy of baptising scores of the new believers in the nearby Nile and giving out Bibles. On arrival they were delighted to find that: This area, formerly a place of murder and... read more