Manna for the Soul

Offering up the Fragments – Part five

Self-pity is such an intrinsically unattractive quality because it presents not only a distinctly gloomy outlook, but it stems from a kind of false pride and arrogance. We will often find at the root of it the unconscious thought that “I deserve more than I am getting... read more

Offering up the fragments – part three

Wholeness despite Brokenness Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t need us to be work perfectly whole or complete to work through us? Since He is quite prepared to work even through our brokenness and fragmentation we are moving on now to the theme of how we can offer... read more

Music Tracks from “Offering up the Fragments”

We thought you might appreciate hearing the music on its own from our first two sendouts in this series “Offering up the Fragments”. See the Category Offering up the Fragments’ to find the whole series. Sunrise May the deeply Celtic feel to this... read more

Offering up the fragments – Part Two

You have probably had the joy of knowing people who are so full of trust and love that they know how to treasure the little things in life (as opposed to fussy or materialistic people who become obsessed by them). Sometimes it is the crumbs under the table we need to... read more

Offering up the Fragments

I delivered a message in church a few weeks away on a theme that most of us are likely to find relevant: “Gather up the fragments that remain so that nothing is lost or wasted”! (John 6:12) As the live recording did not come out, I rerecorded it this morning – which... read more

Put Out into the Deep – Part 4

Be still my soul Be still my soul – Jesus is not far away. You’ve given me this call, Lord, and it really is just for me. So since You have chosen me, I shouldn’t be so quick to say “I’ve been trying for so long, but to no avail. Even though I am so little and I have... read more