Manna for the Soul

Draw near when the tide feels out

Everyone is aware of the restless tides that current currents are stirring up throughout the world – so we wanted to share two items that will bring deep peace to the soul and stir us in godly ways. This first piece is a meditation (see words below) set to a... read more

Requiem by Linda Entwistle

Linda and Epiphany (recently returned from ministering with Jackie Pullinger in Hong Kong) have just released this beautiful fully orchestrated Requiem that Linda has written. This is what Linda has to say about this beautiful piece of music. It was ten years ago when... read more

Offering up the Fragments – Part Nine

The wounds of the unborn child Rosalind was at a conference recently which focussed on how certain influences can have lifelong consequences on a child in the womb. The effects of alcohol or drugs are well known in this regard; and that a significant number of babies... read more

Offering up the Fragments – Part 8

When Jesus said, “Gather up the fragments that remain,” (John 6:12) the word simply means “broken pieces.” Most of us are aware of at least some parts of our character and personality that feel less than whole and fully functioning even if not entirely broken. We’re... read more

Offering up the Fragments – Part 7

With this portion in the ‘Gathering up the Fragments’ series, we are opening up the theme of woundings in our spirit that cause inner fragmentation. We will be looking at this in much more detail in the next two releases. Treasures in Jars of Clay God is not deterred... read more

Offering up the Fragments – Part 6

After focusing on so many serious issues here is an opportunity to return to the quiet of the Father’s presence. Julia Herzog, accompanied by Fontane Liang on harp, is the soloist in this beautiful Andante by Bach, and David Booth the guitarist on this piece he... read more