Manna for the Soul

The Artist’s Brush

Drawing for inspiration on a children’s poem by Amy Carmichael on the secret things belonging to God, the concept of being ourselves a ‘brush’ that the Lord uses to paint His purposes, and a timely reminder that in any relationship – especially those where... read more

Always Near

Always Near by Carol Sampson – a really lovely CD: We would like to encourage you to consider purchasing this really special compilation of 15 of Carol Sampson’s songs, which she has recorded with us over the last few years. Carol is unique! In addition to being the... read more

Into the Morning

In a world in which so many are facing daunting circumstances, how precious it is to dedicate ourselves afresh to the Lord each morning – and to know His ongoing presence throughout the day. May this song serve as a ‘rhythm’ prayer in our hearts, and a clarion call to... read more

Fruit bearing and sowing seeds

If you remain joined to Me and My words remain in you, ask for anything you wish, and it will be done for you.  When you bear a lot of fruit, it brings glory to My Father. It shows that you are My disciples . . . You did not choose Me. Instead, I chose you. I... read more

Reflections for Easter

Special times of meditation are common in most traditions over the Easter period, so I have put these reflections for Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday together with the help of several friends, including Sally, Harmony and Elizabeth, who reads the text with me.... read more

The Lord is at work at both ends!

In a laudable act of entente cordiale between countries once at war, precision engineers sheared their respective ways from Calais and Folkestone to build their underground causeway, meeting in the middle exactly where they should. But how do we fare when folks pick... read more