My Presence will go with you

This piece refers to the Lord’s wonderful promise in Exodus 33:14:“Set your mind at rest — My presence will go with you.” The word rest here is NUACH in Hebrew: the deep soothing peace of the Lord. You’ve heard of ruach – now drink deeply of His nuach – a word that... read more

May your heart

May your heart. . . seek out still places and know the deep simplicity of life with me recalling richer rhymes and rhythms as I re-dress all lingering loss May your heart . . . trust in Me as you filter out all that is faded foolish and fearful and have the courage to... read more

To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart

To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart Time and again the Lord has given our musicians songs and music which have helped us to identify with people and nations in need. One such occasion when we were praying for children who have been abused the Lord gave... read more

My hope is in Him

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him. (Psalm 62:5) What a wonderful verse to reflect on and to take into the very depths of our being: Take it, taste it, savour it  and live it!       Photo taken by Anna Ralph on board the... read more

T. E. A. M. The team is shaping up well.

It’s been a while since we have been in touch so you may have forgotten that we have looked so far in this mini-series at T – Tortoises and togetherness E – Exploring new ways to Encourage Elasticity in the Ekklesia were looking at: A – The power of Acceptance Now, as... read more

Patmos – Tracks 18 and 19

Track 18 – Trade with the gifts God has given you Track 19 – Coping with change read more