Monthly Archives: February 2020

Eternal Light

When we turned to Christ for the first time we came to understand that there is a radiant light way beyond anything that we had ever known, greater even than the sun, for that can only be with us for some many hours in the day. Jesus truly is the Light of the world,... read more

Light of the World

It is so good to celebrate that God is light, and that in Him there is no darkness at all. As His children we are called to be His light bearers, to ‘put on the armour of light,’ as Paul puts it, and to share His love and His light with one another and the world. Take... read more

Bwaniha revisited – Police cells emptied! February 2020

Last month the team led by Richard Ssendi made a follow visit to Bwaniha, the village in Eastern Uganda where we held a mission in December. As their vehicle pulled into the village, their hearts were immensely warmed by the crowd who had gathered to await their... read more

You’re my Song in the Night

The Lord birthed new songs in Sue during a time of great darkness. She heard Him singing to her in the night, and He became her song during the night watches. Her testimony is that there truly are treasures to be found in the darkness. read more

Praying Light into the Darkness

I love the light that is kept continually lit in chapel sanctuaries to remind us of the Lord’s presence – and I love the expression in Psalm 104:2 that the Lord ‘wraps Himself in light.’ Our eyes register an astonishing number of colours; even our computers can... read more